Monday, 31 May 2010

McQ fall collection

Is anyone else loving the fall collection of McQ?
I am totally in love with the late Alexander Mcqueen's collection; the layering, the patterns, the denim, the textures, the patchworks and basically everything you could ever wish for. These are just some of the pictures from their lookbook. X


How to make a Teacup headband

It may not look it, but a teacup head band is fairly easy to make; all you need is a teacup, a headband and some sellotape. Basically, what you do is sellotape the teacup to the head band and voila it is done. OK, so may be it's not that simple but it is just a prototype; maybe cover the sellotape in some ribbon to camoflague it.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Isn't COD a type of fish

Much enjoyed today, I went shopping with my grandma and mum and bought some white lace and plain cotton to make a summer dress out of. I also acquired a lot of buttons off my grandma and am making them into the most adorable earrings. Then tonight holly came round and we played on COD- I am officially rubbish. I made a teapot head band and will post more pictures of that later on. At the moment I am keeping myself occupied by sewing little felt things, my inspiration is below... X

From here

Friday, 28 May 2010

Sex and the City 2

I have finally finished all my exams, so hopefully I will soon be back to blogging daily. Anyway I have a weeks holiday and I plan to spend it wisely. Spending the weekend visiting family; camping in my back garden with friend; going on walks and shopping. I have been watching Sex and the City since I saw the film last year, I've borrowed my friends DVD's and am now onto series four- it is so addictive. Today, the second film came out and we went to see it, unfortunately it wasn't as good as I thought. There were lots of moments where I wanted to scream at the screen but other than that I spent the rest of the time laughing, because it was hilarious. Their outfits were sometimes a little odd, one lady did resemble a chicken but mostly they wore amazing dresses. I am trying not to ruin the film for you but my favourite outfits had to be the ones from the flashback scene- if you don't want to see it don't scroll down, I guess this is probally a bit late but sorry, I'm too tired to care. X

(Photo: Getty images)

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Inside mums wardrobe- Jewellery box

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments they mean a lot to me because it means I'm not talking to myself! Also please follow me so far its just the lonely group of me and 13 others :)
So today after asking my mum if she had anything cool in her possession, she thought then we ended up spending a while searching through the loft and cupboards. In the end we came across this rather boring jewelery box, that was filled with rubbish and lots of amazing things. I took some pictures of the beautiful, cute, ugly and strange things I found. X

  1. Inside the box there are two draws and a mirror.
  2. Just a random collection of some of the cool stuff, the pins are so cute and a mini spanner?
  3. These are what I have 'borrowed' to stay in my room.
  4. Only a few of the massive earrings in there, I think they were is fashion?
  5. Close-ups of some of the pins and there were 4 watches in there some were hideous but some were nice.

It just shows don't just a book by its cover, or in this case, don't judge the contents by its box.

Monday, 24 May 2010

I wish I was in Switzerland

I have decided to share with you some of the pictures I took last August when I went to Switzerland. As you can see by these pictures it was the most beautiful place I have ever been and I wish I was there right now, instead of these exams. X

Saturday, 22 May 2010

I like to wear my hat but the wind sometimes blows it off

These are the remaining pictures from yesterdays post, not really sure what to say. Apart from the sunglasses are from Primark and me and Chloe bought them as a joke for our friend but then realised it would be cool to take pictures with them. I am probably not blogging tomorrow and will only do a few posts next week because all my exams are coming up. Stupid revision. Also I went to Manchester today, didn't buy anything interesting, just some top shop nail polish and stared for a while at the most amazing pair of dungarees. X

Friday, 21 May 2010

Dreaming of a picnic

A rather fun day which involved; getting free ice cream; boiling in PE; laughing an awful lot with my friends; revision; scribbling on faces; tomatoes... Then going back to my house to take some pictures with my lovely friend Chloe. Last week we both went to Manchester and bought the same pair of tights from primark, so we decided to both wear them. Sorry, I'm posting them again, it's just I love them so much. Anyway we both wore denim shorts and baggy t-shirts; I wanted to steel Chloe's T-shirt off her. Here is the first lot of photos I will post the rest tomorrow; the person who looks amazingly cool is Chloe and we used her camera because it's better. Also it has a lot of mad settings on it, that look weird but are indeed amazing. X

I'm wearing:
T-shirt- Primark (I cut off the neck seam)
Shorts- TKMax
Tights- Primark
Shoes- Office
Hat- Primark
(Never realised I owned so much primark stuff)

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Frock swap

Last night I went to a frock swap, well I helped out at a frock swap; and I really enjoyed it. For those of you that don't know what a frock swap is I will tell you; this is what happened at the one I helped out at, but won't happen with them all. So at 6.30 the first customers arrive with several items of clothing, for each piece of quality clothing they get a ticket and for each fifth piece of clothing they get a premium ticket. We sort out the clothes and for the posh and designer clothes we label them premium and the rest is hanged up on other rails. While the women wait for the rails to open they can have a few drinks, buy jewelery and get their nails done. At 7.30 they open and the crowd of women swarm in, handbags and eager eyes at the ready. Then we wait; the amount of tickets they have is the amount of clothes they can take. At the end of it they go home with a wonderful, new wardrobe. Just in case your wondering how they make money on this, there is an entry fee of £10 but it is worth it; if there is one near you I recommend it. X
I have devised some useful tips on how to make the most of your swapping:
  • Go with at least 5 pieces of clothing to make sure you get that premium ticket.

  • If you drop your clothes off at 6.30 make sure you get back 10 minutes before it opens just to be safe.

  • Usually there aren't changing rooms so wear a vest and legging under your clothes.

  • While your waiting for the rails to open, keep your eyes out for great finds.

  • Remember it's not just clothes that are swapped you can also swap shoes and bags.

  • Make friends with the person hosting the frock swap and hope they will offer you free stuff at the end.

  • Keep your eyes open for vintage, designer pieces that haven't been spotted by the hosts.

  • Don't spend ages deciding on one piece by the time you look at the other stuff, the best will be gone.

I didn't have my camera with me so couldn't take any pictures, unfortunately everything good was gone by the time I had a look, so be quick. This just a picture I took of some of my dresses a few days ago (Note-I didn't get them at the frock swap). X

Dresses from the left- TKMax, Asos, Warehouse (from asos) and Asos.

You can tell I love asos!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Snow globes

I thought today as I'm in a bit of a rush I would share with you a random fact about me. I like to collect things, especially snow globes, random rubbish and marbles. And I have no idea why- but they are pretty and good souvenirs; I buy a snow globe from basically everywhere I go the other month I had 50! my friends get me them and so does my dad; my favourite has to be the one I got from Disneyland Florida, I mean, it has a picture of me in. So i took some pictures of them to share with you, bear in mind I'm not a photographer, don't have a good camera and snow globes are really had to picture. What do you collect?
P.s. Tonight I am very excited as I'm helping out at this frock swap thing with a friend.

Monday, 17 May 2010


Just some random pictures of an outfit I decided to wear; not sure about the T-shirt but are well. My grandad gave it to me when I was ten and its from Australia, suprisingly in width it still fits me but in not length. I don't like the collar, so may cut it off; I like the top though because it has that retro, vintage look to it. Also I'm wearing some tights I bought in Primark yesterday, they have to different patterns and for only £3 a bargain. X
Blazer- Charity shop
Top- Australia, gift from my Grandad
Skirt- Warehouse
Tights- Primark
Shoes- Tesco

Sunday, 16 May 2010

I never know what to call posts

Don't you just wish you had never ending pockets, I do all the time. Today I went to Manchester and saw lots of people carrying strange things- an ironing board, a pair of skis and lots of capes of tin foil (it was the Manchester Run). I fell in love with many shops, all of which I can't afford- Urban Outfitters, Cow; and had to settle for primark. I bought several random things including a pair of rather glamorous sandals for a friend. I am also very pleased that I have sold my first thing on eBay, just crossing my fingers that it arrives there fine.
I really want to learn how to knit again, I made some hats for innocent smoothies but then forgot how to. Anyway, one of my life long ambitions is going to be to cover my bike in knitted stuff. Apparently this is called yarn bombing and it sounds rather fun.

Google images

Sun sun sun

Yesterday because of the gorgeous sunny weather, I sat outside, on a picnic blanket. I read my history revision book, listened to rubbish music and tryed to take pictures of the sun. Here are two of my fairly rubbish attempts... X

Friday, 14 May 2010

Heart prints

Recently I have developed a love for heart prints, I do not own any yet but soon will, when I get round to ordering some stuff off I am not quite sure why I have suddenly started wanting to buy them, maybe because everything with hearts on in the shops this season is really nice. The prints are all so cute and feminine; and it's like spreading the love. XHearts

Hearts by AmysTeapot featuring ASOS