Tuesday, 11 May 2010

My dream room

This is my entry for jazzabelle from jazzabelle's diary giveaway, I had to answer this question 'What would your dream bedroom look like?' and it looked rather fun so here goes...

All my walls would be a pale cream apart from one wall which would be covered in so many pictures, clothes and photos, you would not be able to tell what colour it was. I would have a walk in wardrobe like in Narnia, if possible, but if not a massive old fashioned wardrobe, made out of antique wood. To match I would have an antique wood desk and bed; the bed would have a vintage fabric header. In a pile in the corner there would be some odd cushions, made by me. All my clutter would have its own place and it wouldn't ever look messy; however it would look out of place. I love Chloe's ceiling, so my ceiling would be a perfect blue sky, great for cloud spotting. Finally I would have a great big chandelier, like the one in the picture. So that's the dream... what do you think? X

1 comment:

Jazzabelle said...

thank-you for your entry, your dream room sounds lovely. good luck!

love, jazzabelle. xxx