Sunday, 2 May 2010

Just keep swimming

It was my friend Stephs surprise party today and we decided to take her to Blue Planet Aquarium because she likes fish. I also like fish and took 236 pictures today but luckily for you I will try and squash that down to about 9. I wasted about 100 of those pictures trying to work out with setting to use; can't use flash as it reflects and every thing else goes blurry, but I tried my best. Afterwards we went to Cheshire Oaks, and although I had no money it was good to do some window shopping.


Claire said...

Oh lordy I love aquariums! You must have had so much fun... jellyfish scare me though, I remember one summer I went swimming in the sea with my Dad, and he pointed out a shoal of fish and I thought it was a jelly... not good. Very scared Claire swimming very fast back to shore haha!

By the way I've chosen you as a winner of my blog award, if you see my recent post you can pick it up :)

Fernanda Lucila said...

How fun, going to the aquarium!!!
The last time I went to one was one year ago, and I also snapped about 150 pictures :P

Fernanda Lucila

knk said...

so beautiful this is nice post these are rare pics