Friday, 21 May 2010

Dreaming of a picnic

A rather fun day which involved; getting free ice cream; boiling in PE; laughing an awful lot with my friends; revision; scribbling on faces; tomatoes... Then going back to my house to take some pictures with my lovely friend Chloe. Last week we both went to Manchester and bought the same pair of tights from primark, so we decided to both wear them. Sorry, I'm posting them again, it's just I love them so much. Anyway we both wore denim shorts and baggy t-shirts; I wanted to steel Chloe's T-shirt off her. Here is the first lot of photos I will post the rest tomorrow; the person who looks amazingly cool is Chloe and we used her camera because it's better. Also it has a lot of mad settings on it, that look weird but are indeed amazing. X

I'm wearing:
T-shirt- Primark (I cut off the neck seam)
Shorts- TKMax
Tights- Primark
Shoes- Office
Hat- Primark
(Never realised I owned so much primark stuff)


Vanessa said...

oh i do love a brogue!


both of you look adorable! lovely photos, i love the 'karl who?' t-shirt ;) have a beautiful weekend ♥

Fernanda Lucila said...

I lovee your shoes!
And your friend's "Karl Who?" shirt ... I sense a DIY in my near future haha :P

Fernanda Lucila

Away with the fairy's said...

Great pictures! i want your hat!