Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Inside mums wardrobe- Jewellery box

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments they mean a lot to me because it means I'm not talking to myself! Also please follow me so far its just the lonely group of me and 13 others :)
So today after asking my mum if she had anything cool in her possession, she thought then we ended up spending a while searching through the loft and cupboards. In the end we came across this rather boring jewelery box, that was filled with rubbish and lots of amazing things. I took some pictures of the beautiful, cute, ugly and strange things I found. X

  1. Inside the box there are two draws and a mirror.
  2. Just a random collection of some of the cool stuff, the pins are so cute and a mini spanner?
  3. These are what I have 'borrowed' to stay in my room.
  4. Only a few of the massive earrings in there, I think they were is fashion?
  5. Close-ups of some of the pins and there were 4 watches in there some were hideous but some were nice.

It just shows don't just a book by its cover, or in this case, don't judge the contents by its box.


Vanessa said...

how beautiful!

Fernanda Lucila said...

My mom used to have HUGE earrings, too. They must have been on trend back in the 80s-90s :P
Great finds, though. Nothing better than looking through the things that are already at home.

Fernanda Lucila