Tuesday, 21 December 2010

At the weekend I went to Derbyshire and took a few pictures of one of my outfits. It isn't very exciting and I would have worn my hat but my cousins kept stealling it and teasing me for wearing granny clothes. Which I really don't mind because I like granny clothes. The dress is from asos, the boots Bertie and the scarf I knitted myself, it is so unbelievably warm but took so long to knit. xxx

Thursday, 2 December 2010


These pictures were taken way before these fields of snow appeared. For my tea party my mum bought my a hand full of balloons to decorate the room with, the following day I was outside, taking pictures with them. I'm really pleased with the way these pictures came out, with the sun shining through the balloons. I'm wearing Topshop hat and trousers, UO' t-shirt, office shoes and a vintage waistcoat and watch.
On Saturday I'm going to the clothes show live- I'm excited. Hopefully, I will get to meet the lovely Gok Wan and the even lovelier Katie from ... with fashion added in - a very inspiring, amazing blog which is at the moment very christmasy, to help you get in the Christmas mood. xx

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Floral tights, woolly jumpers & rainbows

This outfit is from about two weeks ago, I have quite a few lined up, I'm just not feeling the motivation to put them up. But now I think I will try to get myself back on track and post more, so thankyou for staying with me. Anyway is anyone else excited for Christmas? I woke up this morning with about 1mm of snow outside my window. X

Wearing: Jumper- American Apparel, Skirt- Miss Selfridges, Tights- River Island, Boots- Bertie

Can you see the rainbow??

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tea party

On Friday I will be having a little tea party with a couple of friends to celebrate my 16th, I'm planning on having cupcakes, sparklers, fairy lights, hot chocolate and if the weather permits it, a mini bonfire to roast marshmallows on. Over the past few weeks I have collected a few images, to inspire me of what I'm going to do, apart from in my conservatory and in the dark. XX

Not sure where these pictures are from, weheartit I think but if you know where there from or they are yours, please comment and I will be happy to link them.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Day 3, London

This is the last of the not very exciting London posts, the day after I was too busy catching random trains and visiting the science museum to take any pictures. So on the Friday I wore this dress and the hat I bought the day before; while I was wandering around oxford street in search of Liberty's a random girl asked if she could take a picture of my style, is this bad or good? Her picture probally came out rubbish because this dress really isn't photogenic. I also went to the V&A museum, I only had one hour, so I rushed around the fashion section, went in the gift shop and cringed when my brothers started paddling in the pool thing.
Sorry about the rubbish photo, as I said earlier dress ain't photgenic and neither am I, but lets not dwell on that fact.
Hope you all had a good bonfire weekend, I went to the local bonfire and fireworks display which was amazing. I find fireworks so pretty and make you believe anything can happen. Afterwards me, Chloe and Steph ate some fish and chips, then laughed at some funny words, we are really mature. Ohh, and I got my Grandmas watch fixed and I am determined not to lose it.  XX

Wearing: Hat & Jacket- Topshop, Dress- Warehouse

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Shopping, London

I thought I would show you everything I bought, which is little and not very exciting but it will all give my wardrobe a more winter vibe, I believe. So, I'm gonna do a running commentary on it all, read on. Just wondering, have any of you bought any clothes recently?
Also at Barnardos today we were talking about how the shop was going to be decorated and when is the right time to put the decorations up (18th Nov). And it got me thinking how insanely excited I am about Christmas, I already have some ideas of gifts to get my friends. XX

1. Floral woolly tights from river island, I had a £10 voucher so decided to buy these they are so lovely.
2. Random woolly tights from Urban Outfitters, I just adore the cute pattern on them, it reminds me of the fair isle patterns around, which I adore.
3. A hat from topshop, there were so many to choose from but I decided on this one, I bought a poppy and added it to the feathers.

4. A navy woolly jumper from American Apparel, to begin I tryed on a maroon one but after deciding it was too much like my school jumper I decided on this lovely, warm, navy one.

5. Grey tapered trousers from Topshop, not really much to say but they look better when they are on. I'm thinking about wearing them on Monday with a shirt, this is because it is PHSCE day and we have interviews, so I may take a picture of it then.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Day 2, London

So basically this was the second outfit I wore, which recieved several stares from teenage girls. I get these often but usually I just ignore them, today though they were really getting to me. I don't know why they were staring but I seemed like they thought they were better than me ( they weren't exactly pleasant looks), I already have so many people like this at my school, I don't need more people in the world like this. My confidence isn't very high you may notice in a lot of photos I hunch my shoulders, this is a confidence issue, it comes naturally to me, however I am trying to improve this. Anyway what really made my day was, as I was walking through Waterloo this wonderful lady came up to me and said she loved my hat and my whole outfit. Noone near where I live would ever say this, apart from the occasional shop assistant, this is why I love London the general cheeriness of everyone. Ok so this doesn't really make sense, but I'm going to post it anyway. Thankyou for being lovely. XX

Wearing: Hat & Jacket- Topshop, Dress- UO, Tights- Asos, Necklace- DIY

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Day 1, London

I don't find Halloween that exciting, so I'm just going to ignore it and save all my energy for Christmas. Anyway here are a few pictures of my first day in London, I spent my train journey knitting, got several odd looks but I don't care because at least when the frost comes my neck will be incredibly warm. We also went to Covent Gardens where I treated myself to some lush goodies, I bought the snow fairy shower gel last year, it was amazing, so I bought it again.
Tomorrow I go back to school, after this holiday, which hasn't felt like a holiday at all, as I've been busy every day. Although somewhere I have managed to squeeze in 3 Harry Potter films, just this weekend, as this movie draws closer, I am becoming more obsessed. That is that thing with me, I become obsessed really easily, past obsessions include sheep and socks- I am a perfectly normal child. xx

Ignore the shiny face, thankyou. Wearing: Jacket & hat- Topshop, Dress- Miss Selfridges

Smells soooo nice.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My Birthday!!!!

On Friday Kakay and I went around our local town searching for jobs, I got an interview but overall no job. So we came back to my house and took some pictures, the basic kind of theme was how a hat can change the feel of an outfit; the last two pictures are of the gorgeous Kakay. Anyway on Saturday, Sunday and Monday; I walked 48km with a homongous backpack on and sleep in a tent, to top this all of on Monday night I went to see The Midnight Beast- they were amazing. Then I woke up this morning to find some wonderful presents; a tripod, Elle subscription, unhealthy food, JWs hoodie, more unhealthy food and money. My dad being my dad took me to the bank to open an isa account (Still not quite sure what it is) then the rest of the day was spent in front of the tv watching Harry Potter, Monsters Inc and crying at Sex in the City. Tomorrow, at around 10 I'm going to London; to conclude this half term has been and will hopefully continue to be amazing!! Sorry about not being around but expect to see a new post sometime at the weekend. Thankyou XX

Wearing: Aviator- Topshop, Top- Primark, Jeans- Zara, Vest thing- Vintage, Hats- vintage topshop primark kakays everywhere basically

Friday, 22 October 2010

Harry Potter and Woody

I am tired and want to go to bed so I will leave you with a picture of Harry Potter and a picture of me dressed up as Woody, I mean this is a fashion blog, how more fashionable can you get?? jk. It is -2 degrees tomorrow I am in the middle of nowhere in a tent, please hope for my sake it is not raining. I will see you after my DofE is over, on my birthday!! That is if I survive. XX

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I want everything Alexa Chung for Madewell and a hat.

Unfortunatly my purse does not have this much money in, however I am spending Friday searching for a job, so you never know... But I will probally have to find cheaper versions somewhere else. Anyway I have to go, so expect to see me on Friday- the October half term starts. Happy, Happy, Happy. XX

From here

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Old lace curtains

Some picture me and Chloe took years ago, with the runaway bride kind of feel, we are just that cool. She had some old lace which she suspected were some old curtains and well to make it you just wrapped it round you, then attached it in place with a long strip of the lace in a bow kind of shape. These pictures, are quite mysterious and rather dark, not very happy like a lot of the pictures I've posted recently, not sure what has happened but I will try to post more uplifting happy pictures, from now on. XX

Photographer- CHLOE