Thursday, 6 May 2010

Inside mums wardrobe- Brown leather bags

Although my mums wardrobe is not full of amazing designer clothes and accessories; it has a fair amount of gorgeous pieces in it. Most of it is also fairly old, I wouldn't call it vintage but some stuff is 30 years old, like these bags. Some would say I'm quite lucky, to have a mum who is a magpie and keeps a lot of her old clothes and well I guess I am. These two bags I found last week, they were ones that my mum used to use everyday when she was younger, so they are fairly battered. Both haven't been used in 20 years, have adjustable straps which I think is pretty cool and are real leather. I have used the first one, nearly every day since I found it.
Is anyone watching the election tonight? I am, this will involve staying up until I fall asleep, probably 11.30; I need my sleep. X
Listening to Dust Bowl Dance- Mumford and Sons


dasha said...

so beautiful, love it!

Away with the fairy's said...

No way i have this bag! :D