Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A wonderful disovery

I have discovered something amazing, well not exactly discovered it more remembered about it. So, basically my dad has an allotment (a patch of grass up the road, where he grows vegetables). It is surrounded by a lot of other allotments and a massive field; the closest my town will get to the country side. Also on the fences there are lots of little squares, perfect to act as camera stands. These are the pictures I took yesterday, you can see my camera skills aren't very good, but are well. I will post some more tomorrow. X

Jacket- Hand-me down

Skirt- Asos

Top- Zara

Tights (I'm wearing two)- Primark and M & S

Boots- Bertie

Necklace- Made by me


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love your purple tights!


michelle_ said...

Love the purple tights girl :)