Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Cricket Jumpers

I took a leaf out of the Jack Wills handbook and borrowed my brothers cricket jumper, which surprisingly suited me, more than it suits him. It's really comfy and I want to keep it, so I may just buy my own, after all it was only a tenner. But maybe I should get a sleeveless one, better for the summer? Anyway I am also wondering whether or not to get the ASOS play suit; it's really cute. Why is life full of such hard decisions. I thought I would say I got 28 out of 30 in my French speaking, that's 15% of that GCSE over and done with. Hooray! Good luck everyone in their exams. X

Jumper- My Brothers

Shorts- TKMax

Belt- Next

Necklaces- Accessorize

Brogues- Office


ParisiannSkies said...

denim is addictive!
i've always been into denim, but it seems every day now something i wear HAS to be denim.

i love this look, i have a cricket jumper but long sleeved for winter!

Suyinsays said...

oooooh you look super super cute! i love it!
thanks for the sweet comment doll, i particularly love your header and the little fashion quote at the side, so adorable

lots of love from your latest follower,

belle in arms said...

very pretty.

CC said...

You look adorable! Love the outfit. :)

Biana said...

Your shoes! Love love!!