Friday, 26 March 2010

Goodbye England, Hello France

Tomorrow at the insane time of 4 o'clock I have to wake up and go to the airport- because I am going to France to do some skiing. I can't wait! It will be amazing, apart form the little fact I will have no internet, so no blogging, for a whole week. I don't know how I'm going to survive? So this is offically my last blog for a week unless I find a cute internet cafe. I promise to take loads of pictures. X

Playsuit- H & M

Cardigan- Warehouse

Lovely, Lacy Lantern

Last night I went out for a meal at Pizza Express to celebrate my fabulous friend, Megan’s birthday. I really enjoyed it, however when I arrived I realized there were several teachers from my school eating in the same restaurant. But fortunately there was a table of cute guys at the other end of the restaurant so we just spent our time gawping at them. Here’s a photo of what I wore and have I mentioned I just love the dress. It’s really random- a purple, lace, lantern dress; it can be worn backwards as well and I also have a picture of that. Because I was experimenting - I would never have the guts to wear it with the shirt as well it’s a little to odd for my liking. I paired it with the shirt as I feared it was too wintery and wanted to try and make it a bit summery.

Dress and cardigan- Warehouse

Shirt- H & M

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Flowery skirt- Spring is nearly here

A couple of weeks ago I was a little bored so decided to make a skirt with some random floral fabric in my cub-board. It was actually reallly easy to make I just sewed it onto some elastic, then added a few buttons and voila. Now that it is nearly Spring, it's definatly the perfect time to start wearing it especially with all the flowers popping up every where. It's only one more season till summer and I can not wait. Thought I would share with you one of my cheap shopping secrets, so in the photo you can see me wear a few badges - I got them on a website called free cycle. All I did was got my dad to leave a post saying Wanted: random beads, buttons and badges; and a lady saw it and sent me loads of really old and cool stuff. For free! Yes, by now you will have gathered I like a good bargain.

Blazer- Charity shop
Skirt- Handmade
Badges- Free-cycle
T-shirt- Abercrombie
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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I have an I-deer!

I have to admit that joke is a bit lousy but still. Anyway I just had to post a picture of this because I thought it was just amazing. This is from Jean Charles de Castelbajacs Fall 2010 and I just love the antlers they are totally crazy. It makes me want to watch Bambee again, although I know that I will cry because it’s really depressing- and should not be allowed to call itself a PG. It all goes with my deer pj’s from topshop which are also really cute and I have to point out how adorable the shoes are; I want a pair (if only I could afford it). At least I can dream…


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Monday, 22 March 2010

Is it that obvious?

You can go from one blog to another, search the top looks on and scour through your magazines; and I can literally guaranty that most of the photos have been edited, to get rid of random blemishes and to make them look perfect, on Photoshop or some other program. I am proud to say that mine aren’t, well they’re cropped and I get rid of red eyes but that’s it (all I can actually do). That is the reason most of my photos look kind off crap but still they are natural. The reason why, is not just because I don't have Photoshop, it is because I am extremely lazy and really can't be bothered and also in a weird way I kind of prefer them that way. It makes me just that little bit more different from others. Just want to say a well-done to everyone else that doesn’t edit their pictures, all of you are actually quite brave.
On another matter these are some pictures chloe took of me the other day because I really wanted to wear the dress, as I bought it in January and hadn't worn it yet. I was reading a book the other day and it inspired me to put my old house key on some cord and it looks fairly odd, like I intended; so I am pleased.

Dress- Oasis

Tights- BHS

Shoes- Tesco

Note- Never try skipping in heels!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Lets takes some pictures

Today I went to a vintage fashion and textiles fair and it was like nothing I've seen before. It was basically a hall full of amazing clothes and jewelry. I bought some random fabric I hope to make into a tea dress and a Polaroid camera, which I am now wearing as I necklace as I have no film for it. Chloe and I then decided to go down to the local park and take some pictures wearing what we had just bought; me, a camera and Chloe, a bag. Ok so I know this is a bit random but I just had to make use of the sunny weather, which is extremely rare where I live.

Models- Chloe and me
Chloe's Dress- Handmade by Chloe
Amy's dress- Asos
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Saturday, 20 March 2010

The most exercise I have done in a year

My legs are still aching from walking to my friends house and back yesterday (like 8 miles); and you know what, I am ever so grateful to myself that I bought my Bertie boots last November. They are literally life savers, I wear them every where I go, hence they're in nearly all my photos and they are amazingly comfy. If I did not have them, I would have had to walk 8 miles in my converses, ouch. X

Boots- Bertie

Jeans and T-shirt- Zara

Coat- Hollister

Socks - Jack Wills

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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Ripped Tops

My current obsession has to be ripped tops, I keep on seeing them everywhere I go, it’s like they're calling to me or I could just be going mad. Whatever it is I really want one; I spotted some gorgeous ones in the Balmain and Max Azria spring collection. Never in a life time would I be able to afford one of them though so that’s when I decide to go shopping and grab some scissors. I almost cut up my New York top a minute ago, if I did it though it would not have been funny. So I'm hoping to go to primark next week and buy some cheap, grey top to cut up.

Also tomorrow for sport relief some bright spark has decide that instead of wear non-uniform which is what we normal wear on sports relief, we are going to wear our PE kits. I'm asking why? It is even more hideous than my schools actual uniform; our PE kit consists of baggy trousers making you look like an elephant and a horrible black top. I could rip holes in that!? At least I will be looking forward to tomorow night, walking 4 miles to a friends house and back; I'm not even being sacistic. Anyway history homework to do. X
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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Addicted to Denim

So tonight I had a really fun night with Sophie and Chloe; we made pizza and they were actually edible. You can see my look of pure concentration when sprinkling them with cheese, also we worked out we are all absolutly amazing opera singers and so are probally going to try and go on the X-factor next year. On Sunday I'm going to my first Vintage fashion and textiles fair, should be exciting. I also want to share you all a bit of knowledge my French teacher passed onto me today, if someone is making you feel down just imagine them on the toilet (My French teacher told me that!?) .
We also found time to take some pictures...

Dress- Miss Selfridges

Underskirt- Charity Shop

Tights- Primark

Models- Chloe and me

Photographer- Chloe, Sophie and me

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Sunday, 14 March 2010

A breath of fresh air

I needed some fresh air so I went on a little walk to my park, where I sat down on a nice bench and read some vogue. And well I couldn't help but notice the stares I was getting from compete strangers because I was wearing something different. I have been keeping up with my none boring phase and so with a little persuasion from the D&G spring collection I went out in my jeans, denim jacket and denim bag. Everything about it said it wouldn't work, but it kind of did. So I attempted to take pictures with out attracting more looks; I don't have the confidence of other bloggers. Anyway it was extremely windy and so the pictures all look a bit odd but on the positive it gives my hair some volume? X

My park

D&G spring 2o1o

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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Its only 4:30 and I've been to the moon and back.

So far today I have been shopping twice, been to drama, eaten lots of cake, taken several pictures, bought my mothers day present, been on a tram for the first time, used a cash point thing for the first time and just genuinely had lots of fun. And well I think thats pretty good going, to do all that before 4:30. I also found out that Amy is a popular name as i got served by someone called that in Selfridges;then, this is quite freaky, my friend, Chloe, got served by someone called Chloe also in Selfridges. Coincidence? I think not!
Anyway, heres some pictures I took in Cafe Nero and on the train; I am very sorry they arn't that good quality and Chloe didn't know I was taking a picture so wasn't ready but I thought it looked nice so posted it anyway. I have been trying to keep to none boring outfits and so today I followed that rule and went out in a lace dress, instead of jeans and a T-shirt. Thought I'd mention that in two weeks time I will be on top of a mountain in france skiing and I really can't wait, I'll miss blogging though. X

Thursday, 11 March 2010

I'm me

OK, so I thought I would tell you a bit more about myself and made a helpful list.
  • My name is Amy.
  • I live in a house with my family and several fat pigeons.
  • I live in a town which conveniently has 7 charity shops.
  • I go to school with 2000 other students and about 601 seagulls (Note I live nowhere near the sea).
  • Terrys Chocolate orange is my hero.
  • Yesterday me and my friend, Steph, wrote a letter to the queen.
  • I like cucumbers.
  • Almost everyday in my lunch I have crackers, fruit nuggets, a nutrigrain bar, ect.
  • My favourite designers are Vivienne Westwood and too many to name.
  • When I'm older I want to be either a fashion designer, doctor, vintage shop owner, prime minister or astronaut.
  • If you tell me a song I will probably have never heard of it.
  • On my ipod my most listened to is Florence and the Machine, Lily Allen and Lenka.
  • I believe in Girl power.
  • Me and my friend are french poets and we didn't even know it.
  • I think Tom and Jerry is really boring.
  • My Favourite food is pizza.
  • I have five totally amazing friends.

The other day I was drinking some tea and took a photo, here it is. Actually I wasn't drinking tea as I don't like it, I was pretending and I was really doing some random photo thing for my good friend Chloe. Who I'm going shopping for fabric and presents with tomorrow.

Jumpsuit- Charity shop (Chloes)

Jacket- Topshop (Chloes)

Teacup- Charity shop (Half mine half Chloes)

Anyway, enough of me ... X

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

My Brain Hurts

I'm having one of those days where I just feel like lieing down and falling asleep, but if I do lie down I know I won't be able to fall asleep cause my brain hurts to much with confusion. So I'm trying to occupy myself by writing a really random post. Last night I was in a taking photos and trying on clothes mood so I tryed on a random playsuit I bought a few years ago, only to find out it finally fits me. Yes I have grown, I'm quite proud of this as I used to be smaller than everyone and now I'm like taller than most of my friends. Anyway heres a picture I got my mum to take of me yesterday, please excuse the 3D glasses. X

Jumpsuit- H & M

Socks- M & S

Necklace- Pilgrim

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Monday, 8 March 2010

Pretty edgy if I say so myself

I was reading a magazine today which said that a trend for this spring and summer is pretty edgy. And well to be honest it just made me feel confused arn't they total opposites of each other. If you put them together how on earth would they compliment each other; it just goes against human nature. I was genuinely intrigued and so I decided to make use of this gorgeous weather and have a go trying to capture this trend on camera. And well I was wrong, they do work well together, it made me think, loads of strange stuff work together; peanut butter and marshmallow fluff, black and white, chillies and chocolate...
So the dress and tights I think are pretty and the waistcoat and heels are a bit edgy, the Alice in Wonderland look wasn't intensional I'm doing that photo shoot next week, however it will look fairly simular as I'm wearing the same dress but at a more interesting location.

Dress- Charity shop (was a skirt but I altered it)

Tights and necklace- Topshop

Waistcoat- BHS

Shoes- Tesco

Photographer- My brother
Anyway I feel in the mood for baking some cupcakes, wish me luck. X

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Every day I wear jeans, a T-shirt and a hoodie; and well to be honest I am getting bored of it all. I try to wear something different but I just can’t be bothered, so from now on I am going to do a non-boring month. I will walk down the high street in my tartan hat and not care how many weird looks I get, because well I think I take to much in to other peoples opinions and it’s me that’s actually wearing the clothes not them.
Anyhow I found this amazing website and I’m now going to post post-it notes all around my school. I really think the cleaners will appreciate them; that site is guaranteed to make your day, it made mine. Went to see Alice in Wonderland yestereday, was pretty good and inspired me, I'm going to do an Alice in Wonderland inspired photoshoot. Well, the weather better be this good tomorrow, its like a sunny summers day (yes I know its March but don't break my happy mood). X

A random collage I made a few weeks ago.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Je n'aime pas le thé

Bonjour, just been writing my French speaking assessment and now I keep having the urge to writing in French. And well I really don’t think it’s that healthy. So anyway I’ve just got home from volunteering at a charity shop and I’m trés happy as I have found out I get staff discount. I bought a kind of hideous skirt and am going to make it into a gorgeous dress. I will post pictures of it when it’s done. Also I was wandering around tesco, as you do and found a pair of trousers (not sure what there called) but they only had 3 sizes too big. So I am completely demolishing them then I will sew them back up smaller and take some pictures for you all to see. Au revoir X

Photographer- Chloe

Thursday, 4 March 2010

I don't even like tea

After spending years trawling through blog after blog, I decided to have a go; after all it could be fun. There are millions of blogs out there and I want this one to be about my individual take on fashion, trends and my life. So here goes if I get boring and start waffling on about the politics of fashion please tell me. You may wonder why I’m called ‘Fashion Teapot’ well that’s basically because I couldn’t think of anything else, also I live in England and we drink tea from teapots. Yes I know we are cool, ok, so now I do feel strange having a conversation with the computer. Anyway this was jolly good, cheerio for now. X

Dress- Handmade by Chloe from 17Mosslane.blogspot


Photographer- Sophie