Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Snow globes

I thought today as I'm in a bit of a rush I would share with you a random fact about me. I like to collect things, especially snow globes, random rubbish and marbles. And I have no idea why- but they are pretty and good souvenirs; I buy a snow globe from basically everywhere I go the other month I had 50! my friends get me them and so does my dad; my favourite has to be the one I got from Disneyland Florida, I mean, it has a picture of me in. So i took some pictures of them to share with you, bear in mind I'm not a photographer, don't have a good camera and snow globes are really had to picture. What do you collect?
P.s. Tonight I am very excited as I'm helping out at this frock swap thing with a friend.

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Away with the fairy's said...

Aww these are lovely! i collect so much too! i have a growing tea cup collection aswell as these adorable model horses back from my childhood :P i have a lot of marbles to and they all fell off a shelf the other day and now i keep finding them in my shoes...