Saturday, 22 May 2010

I like to wear my hat but the wind sometimes blows it off

These are the remaining pictures from yesterdays post, not really sure what to say. Apart from the sunglasses are from Primark and me and Chloe bought them as a joke for our friend but then realised it would be cool to take pictures with them. I am probably not blogging tomorrow and will only do a few posts next week because all my exams are coming up. Stupid revision. Also I went to Manchester today, didn't buy anything interesting, just some top shop nail polish and stared for a while at the most amazing pair of dungarees. X


Michelle said...

Thats awesome. I would like this post, except I cant cause this isnt facebook. :)

Anonymous said...

very cute!


love, love, love this :) so adorable, especially the hat! and ooh the tights & denim short-shorts trend is starting to grow on me :)