Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sun sun sun

Yesterday because of the gorgeous sunny weather, I sat outside, on a picnic blanket. I read my history revision book, listened to rubbish music and tryed to take pictures of the sun. Here are two of my fairly rubbish attempts... X


Suyinsays said...

oh these are lovely!

Fernanda Lucila said...

I actually like these.
I think it's a great effect that they are taken with a non professional camera and are not twitched to look perfectly.
Know what I mean? haha

Fernanda Lucila

Amy said...

I had to put a pair of sun glasses in front of the lense so it wasn't too bright :) X

Away with the fairy's said...

Iknow this situation all to well, and i will be returning to it shortly! but you got some lovely pictures out of it at least :)

Claire said...

I love sunshine glares in the camera :) They always come out so well, looks like you had a lovely afternoon!

Claire @ Jazzpad