Sunday, 16 May 2010

I never know what to call posts

Don't you just wish you had never ending pockets, I do all the time. Today I went to Manchester and saw lots of people carrying strange things- an ironing board, a pair of skis and lots of capes of tin foil (it was the Manchester Run). I fell in love with many shops, all of which I can't afford- Urban Outfitters, Cow; and had to settle for primark. I bought several random things including a pair of rather glamorous sandals for a friend. I am also very pleased that I have sold my first thing on eBay, just crossing my fingers that it arrives there fine.
I really want to learn how to knit again, I made some hats for innocent smoothies but then forgot how to. Anyway, one of my life long ambitions is going to be to cover my bike in knitted stuff. Apparently this is called yarn bombing and it sounds rather fun.

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Away with the fairy's said...

That is the most amazing thing i have ever seen! i'll cover mine with tinsel and then lets go cycling together :P