Friday, 25 June 2010

My 2010 summer wardrobe essentials

The basics of my summer wardrobe:
  • 2 floaty dresses,
  • a playsuit,
  • 3 plain vests,
  • wedges,
  • 4 pairs of sunglasses (I can never have enough),
  • And of course a straw boater but me being me, when I carried them all to the tree I wore it on my head, then forgot to put it on the tree.
What I still need:
  • A pair of ripped denim shorts.
And here is my tree, which is where I find all my clothes, I go to bed and when I wake up it's covered in clothes!! Haha jk.
Dress- UO & Miss Selfridge
Vest tops- Topshop
Sunglasses- Primark
Playsuit- H&M

What I wore today, well in the evening anyway; I am experimenting with the leggings as trousers look that everyone goes for, but it's not really my thing.
Jacket- Hand-me down
Top- Made by me
Leggings- H&M
Boots- Bertie
Hat- Primark


Aattlee said...

Please. Please please please please PLEASE don't start wearing leggings as trousers! Sorry, it;'s just my least favorite look in the entire world (ish.) I LOVE the second tree picture, it looks really saturated and BRIGHT. Love it. :)

Vanessa said...

you lucky LUCKY girl you have that urban outfitters dress i wanted to buyyyyyyyyyyyyy but they sold out in my size. damn them. please do an outfit post with it on xx

ergyerg said...

Love the tree photos! And i want that pink dress :D xxxxx

L said...

this is amazing, I want your pink dress hangin' on the tree SO BAD! I really like your brown boots and hat too. you are lovely.

Milly. said...

thanks so much for your sweet comment, your blog is awesome too :]
I love how you've displayed your clothes! & really love your look - that straw boater and the boots are so great! x

Georgia said...

I too, am still undecided about the whole leggings as trousers. Although I did do that recently, but with a shiny legging. And I LOVE your boater hat, I can never find one which fits on my head! And I would recommend ebay for the shorts, you can get them for under a fiver
It would be mine

TheNerd said...

My Essential Summer List Does Indeed Include A Pair Of Wedges, Some New Sunglasses & Some Rocker Tees, Courtesy Of H&M Obv.

Jazzabelle said...

ahh, i simply adore the way you have hung your clothes on the tree, it looks beautiful! the peter pan dress is oh so pretty.
thank-you for your comment, good luck!

love, jazzabelle, your 25th follower :)