Friday, 4 June 2010

I got my hair cut!!

OK so it looks nearly the same but it is a bit shorter and is in a much better condition. Today I also went shopping again and bought more clothes, I am very surprised my wardrobe hasn't exploded yet. I took a few pictures and attempted to edit them, but it failed . I have nothing else to show you so I will stick with these; I look like a rabbit in the middle one.
I look fairly orange, like I am tanned and so I thought this would be the perfect post to tell you what I heard the other day "Everything looks better with a tan". What a complete and utter lie, I mean I'm never tanned but always look great. Jokes! However I tend to find tans a bit repetitive, everyone looks the same. There are a lot of people out there that are very pale, but still look 10 times better than that orange girl around the corner. Thought I would just share this point with you. X
Vest- Topshop
Bandeau- Urban outfitters
Shorts- H&M
Bracelets- Pandora and Made by Me

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lace & leather said...

I love the shorts from H&M :)