Sunday, 13 June 2010

What a week

Unless you have done D of E you won't understand how tired I am, this weekend I have walked 22 km with a massive backpack on my bag. Don't worry I didn't do it for fun; it was part of my Duke of Edinburgh. Anyway on Thursday I went to Graduate fashion week and sometime next week I will show you the many pictures I took at the show. Below is the picture of the bag we got, which I soon filled with freebies, for example; lolly pops and big books. I will also show you some of my sketches (which aren't very good) and some of the photos in these big books. So its a busy week; cue, YAWN. Now I am off to bed... X

P.S. Arn't the animals on the bag so cute.

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FinkPinkBebe., said...

I Haven't Had A Chance To Go To Graduate Fashion Week yet, But Will be Going To London Fashion Week In September, Eeek! So Excited. How Was It?
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