Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Don't know about you but I find these pictures really inspiring, they make me want to go down to the park and take pictures in pretty clothes. Chloe, if your reading this do you want to go down to the park and take random pictures, this weekend sometime? I like the bonnet and the big dresses!
Next week I am going on my work expirence to the Labs where my dad works, it should be interesting but I know I probally don't won't to get a job in one when I'm older. I have been excited for a while about wearing work clothes, I found out yesterday I have to wear scruffy clothes and a lab coat. No way near as exciting but... X


Chloe said...

HELL YES, saturday? I need to go into manchester too btw


Suyinsays said...

oh thank you for the lovely comment, these are GREAT pics btw!

Fernanda Lucila said...

These photos are very pretty, indeed. I would be excited about work clothes, but I guess it's very unsure as to where I'll be working as an industrial designer :p

Fernanda Lucila

Fashion is me said...

I really like your blog and why I follow immediately.

Look to me and if you like it do the same.



Away with the fairy's said...

i want a bonnet :(