Thursday, 17 June 2010

Petticoat and wedges

Just some pictures of an outfit I want to wear, I really like layering the dress and skirt, it makes it fun. Yet again I am wearing my wedges, I am addicted to the tallness. He he, in most of these photos I am holding my hair, that's probably be because I am quite awkward in front of a camera (don't know what to do), actually I am getting better at it. Shopping tomorrow, should be good and summer is almost here!! X

Skirt- Charity shop
Shoes- Miss Selfridge
Scarf- Vintage



Very pretty dress and amazing shoes!
I am a little in love with your blog. :)

Claire said...

Oh my gosh I've just seen you did D of E!!! Very exciting stuff. Where did you do it lovey? This is a beautiful dress, I love the effect of the lace underlay. Gorgeous, as per :)

Claire @ Jazzpad

Away with the fairy's said...

Oh these pictures are beautiful! i love that look so much!

Clare said...

Cute outfit, I love your shoes!

Thanks for entering my competition!

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