Monday, 7 June 2010

I love my Polaroid

I just thought I would share with you my Polaroid camera, I got it from a vintage market a few months ago. Yet still haven't bothered to look for some film, I am just hoping it works; however if it doesn't it still makes a pretty necklace. Sorry for the rather crap pictures, I've been experimenting.
Also just thought I would mention on Thursday I'm going to London Graduate Fashion Week, technically it's to an educational visit but I don't care. It's with my textiles class and that four hour bus journey better be worth it. X


Vanessa said...

oooh i have a polaroid camera but film is sooo expensive! what camera and film do you use? xx

Anonymous said...

oh i damn, i want ur polaroid ;)

leah said...

stumbled upon your blog yesterday and i absolutely love it:D your style is so individual and sweet:) I already read all your blog posts x) call my crazy. keep up the good work!! :D

Spence. said...

I reallly want a polaroid camera! You might find some films on ebay?
Hope you enjoyed GFW!

Amy said...

Thanks for the comments :) These photos aren't actually taken with the polaroid, the polaroid is just a pretty accessory. I haven't used it yet but think I will buy some film from the impossible project. xx