Sunday, 20 June 2010

Heart tights and geek glasses

I am truly addicted to these heart tights, they are permanently attached to my legs. Anyway this is what I wore yesterday, not very exciting I admit; when I went shopping with Chloe (go check out her fabulous blog and leave her a comment!! ) and Holly. I didn't buy anything but spent money how does this work? Also we stopped at Costa Coffee, this is what I had but the cakes were to share.
I am starting my work experience tomorrow, which should be fun and I have been featured on Fashion my legs, which is an amazing blog about tights and hosiery; have a look at the post here... X


Clare said...

I so need those tights in my life, where are they frommmm?

tweet tweet tweet


Tanya Peach said...

he he I think I have those glasses :P you look super in those tights x

Tegan said...

your blog is oh-so gorgeous! :) x

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...


I luv ur blog!!

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Fernanda Lucila said...

Those tights are so cute!
Too bad we're in the 100s here, or else I would try and find a pair just like that one.

Fernanda Lucila

The Golden Water said...

Waaaaoooh! I love your tights! I need them! Where are they from?
You look so cute with your geek glaces!

ambika said...

Adoreable. Seriously. I'd wear those tights every day too if I thought I could pull it off.