Friday, 18 June 2010

Blogging ain't easy

When I first started blogging, I was looking around the blogs when I came across this blog, that explained blogging as a chore. Blogging isn't easy (hence the picture), but you do it because you enjoy it. I started a blog because I enjoyed sharing my opinion, I wanted make myself to gain more confidence to look good in the clothes I owned, and because I wanted to experiment with my photography. And to be honest if I found it a chore, I wouldn't blog, sometimes I believe people only have a blog because they want to be famous- in my opinion this isn't right. People should blog because they enjoy it, not to get the most comments and followers, that should just be an added extra. This is just my opinion, it is their blog, so they can post what they want but I just thought I would share my opinion; if you disagree just say. At this point I will stop with the blabbering and thank all my 16 followers and everyone who comments; they each make my day!! X


Vanessa said...

aww, that's sweet. I agree and I blog to help my confidence. The most rewarding and confidence boosting thing is to get flattering or positive comments back from people, thats what does it for me. And I also blog to releash my inner creativity! But i do think having readers is important...the more people who admire what you do the better :)

Vanessa said...


Claire said...

It seems like a lot of people are blogging about blogging (myself included) lately. It's a funny old hobby, but I agree, why would you blog if you don't enjoy it? I adore your blog, it's such a lovely insight into your world, keep it up :)

Claire @ Jazzpad