Thursday, 18 March 2010

Ripped Tops

My current obsession has to be ripped tops, I keep on seeing them everywhere I go, it’s like they're calling to me or I could just be going mad. Whatever it is I really want one; I spotted some gorgeous ones in the Balmain and Max Azria spring collection. Never in a life time would I be able to afford one of them though so that’s when I decide to go shopping and grab some scissors. I almost cut up my New York top a minute ago, if I did it though it would not have been funny. So I'm hoping to go to primark next week and buy some cheap, grey top to cut up.

Also tomorrow for sport relief some bright spark has decide that instead of wear non-uniform which is what we normal wear on sports relief, we are going to wear our PE kits. I'm asking why? It is even more hideous than my schools actual uniform; our PE kit consists of baggy trousers making you look like an elephant and a horrible black top. I could rip holes in that!? At least I will be looking forward to tomorow night, walking 4 miles to a friends house and back; I'm not even being sacistic. Anyway history homework to do. X
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