Friday, 26 March 2010

Lovely, Lacy Lantern

Last night I went out for a meal at Pizza Express to celebrate my fabulous friend, Megan’s birthday. I really enjoyed it, however when I arrived I realized there were several teachers from my school eating in the same restaurant. But fortunately there was a table of cute guys at the other end of the restaurant so we just spent our time gawping at them. Here’s a photo of what I wore and have I mentioned I just love the dress. It’s really random- a purple, lace, lantern dress; it can be worn backwards as well and I also have a picture of that. Because I was experimenting - I would never have the guts to wear it with the shirt as well it’s a little to odd for my liking. I paired it with the shirt as I feared it was too wintery and wanted to try and make it a bit summery.

Dress and cardigan- Warehouse

Shirt- H & M


* Cake Kay * said...


You look AMAZING !!

Oh you should totally wear the outfit with the shirt over it in france!

You look GORGEOUS!

Cakes xxxxx

Amy said...

Thankyou :) I just might?? Amy xxx