Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Sun has got its hat on

After trying on the same pair of brogues 3 times, I finally bought them, but they aren't just plain ones, they have the most adorable floral pattern on. I wanted to give them a bit of a worn look, so I went on a walk to my friends house with Sophie. The weather was amazing so when we got there we did a bit of sunbathing on her trampoline and after that a bit of chess. Which I haven't played in years and well, obviously I won. I hope the weather stays like this because that will mean it will be one hot summer, however my PE teacher did tell us it was going to snow next week? X
T-shirt- Abercrombie
Shorts- Jack Wills
Jacket- Hand me down
Shoes- Office
Socks- M&S
Necklace- AccessorizeRelated Posts with Thumbnails
Photographer- Mostly Sophie


V said...

thanks for your outfit suggestion :) i love the peach shoes too! decisions are hard :)

your brogues are lovely. x

Amy said...

Its ok; thanks for the comment!
I am obsessed over them :) X

Mat said...

wow those are really great, office have some really cool shoes don't they. ah yeah well i can't resist a bargain, i'll still be buying some cheap things vintage ect. i'm poor.

thanks for visiting my blog

Amy said...

Thankyou! Aww, same at the moment when I earn some money it seems to dissappear within a couple of days :( X

rebecca said...

Oh, I really hope it doesn't snow... I don't think I could take it!