Friday, 30 April 2010

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This was quite a while ago, but I never got round to posting it. So basically me and my amazing friend, Chloe, were looking for some thing to do, when we decided to make a newspaper dress. Chloe came up with the fish tail idea and I some how put it all together with a little help from her passing me sellotape. She couldn't walk very far with it on and it was funny to watch her waddle across the room to the blank wall. In the end we made this rather magnificent dress, that Chloe is modeling and it is all recyclable, apart from the bow, of course.

Model- Chloe

Dress- Newspaper


Fernanda Lucila said...

The dress has SUCH a beautiful silhouette!
It's a good idea for an otherwise boring day (:

Fernanda Lucila

Claire said...

WOW girl this is so wicked :D It must've been so much fun to make ♥

Raez said...

amazing! it looks very couture, love it!

xx raez

Michelle said...

That, is just epic. <3

Aysha said...


Holly referred me to your blog, and I'm really glad she did! I LOVE DIY myself, that's also what my blog is mostly about :)
I've been wanting to start a blog for a long time, but never got around to it until I saw your blog and really got inspired! (:

(Oh, and I'm one of Steph's friends from Denmark :) )