Friday, 23 April 2010

English country life

Unlike the average British person, I do not put shorts on the moment I spot the slightest bit of sun; I prefer to wait until I absolutely have to wear them. To be honest I much prefer winter clothes to summer clothes, and I mostly enjoy it when it rains (unless my hair is straightened) as I can hold an umbrella without weird glances. My favourite month is Autumn because of the beautiful colours of the leaves and Summer would have to come a sad last if there was no six week holiday. I hate it when it is sunny but freezing; that's far worse than windy and freezing. Anyway the outfit below is inspired by English country life and surprisingly everything I'm wearing is quite thin, as opposed to thick and doesn't make you hot at all. The trousers were a great bargain, £5 from tesco; all I had to do was alter them from a size 12 to 6. What makes it even more English is my union jack socks! X

Top- Zara

Fake Fur Collar- From a coat

Trousers- Altered by me from Tesco

Brogues- Office

Socks- Tesco

Watch- My Grandmas

Umbrella- Present


Raez said...

lovely! very pretty pictures:)

xx raez


Nice photos, i like your outfit;]
and i so want the umbrellaaaa