Sunday, 18 April 2010

Style magazine

Thank you everyone so much for the comments, they never fail to put smiles on my face!
Today was yet another day of glorious sunshine; after being stuck inside tiding my room, I managed to find a spare moment to go outside and read Style magazine. It's a supplement in the Sunday times which my parents buy and I read it every week. Not just because of the fact I don't have to pay for it; it also has some pretty interesting content. It has great interviews, useful style advise and a hilarious section at the back called Mrs Mills. It is in fact the only magazine that I read with out a doubt every time it comes out. I mean I often read Vogue and Elle but they're both nearly £4 and are full of adverts; over-rated in my opinion. However they are both full of amazing pictures which I like to cut out. I also love my trashy magazines like more and heat; look is good too. Although they get a bit repetitive but at £1.50 you can't really complain. In the end though, I just turn back to my faithful old Style magazine. X

Top- Primark

Shorts- Hand-me down and customised

Scarf- Vintage

Gladiators- Next

Belt- Next

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michelle_ said...

nice scarf !
hope you have had a nice weekend !!