Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Nice is nice

I am back, after 4 gorgeous days of sun, tomatoes and baguettes. I took lots of pictures and have tryed to pick the best, but that failed; so now I'm going to post them all with a commentary. Warning- There are a lot of pointless pictures here that have nothing to do with fashion.

The market next to our hotel.

We went on this train around all the sights in Nice, eventually it took us to this castle which was on a hill and gave us a magnificant view of the city.

A birds view of Nice, no wonder there are so many pigeons.

On the second day we went to the beautiful town of Antibes, which had an antique market going on it was adorable.

My name written in sand, complete with a French pigeon.

On the way back from Antibes there was little room on the train, so I sat in a luggage space.

On the third day we visited Monaco, this picture is of the Casino Monte-Carlo.

We visited an aquarium and so I took some pictures of fish.



Raez said...

oh! travel! that def makes me want to get back on a plane to europe--anywhere really;) love the jelly fish pic, these rock!

xx raez

Amy said...

Thankyou! I wish I was back in France too. X