Saturday, 10 April 2010

French Teapots

I decided to get creative and fill the boring spaces along side my posts; so I drew some rather rubbish but interesting teapots. There is more to come when I can find time to scan them.Also on a creative note I have become addicted to polyvore and am posting another collage today, I promise no more for a while because they are getting a bit boring (I don't own the actual clothes but I own lookalikes). Tomorrow at the insane time of 4 O clock I am of to the airport, to go to France yet again- I will take loads of pictures. I'm going to Nice and I'm hoping the weather will be hot and sunny, its only for 4 days. Hopefully when I come back I will have a nice tan and won't be burnt. X


Silvia Couture said...

ohhh those look lovely for France!

michelle_ said...

Great post !
Love the collage !

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Amy said...

I've just got back from Nice and the weather wasn't that hot so the tights were a good idea. X