Saturday, 3 April 2010

Les deux alpes

I have finally returned from an intense week of skiing down very steep hills, which was quite scary but extremely enjoyable. I am now fairly fit from doing so much exercise and I intend to stay healthy by going running a few times (I will probally give up tomorrow). I bought a new ski coat and took several pictures. Apart from that all that shows I have been on holiday is a goggle mark on my face wear I am sunburnt- I advise not the best look. unfortunatly there were no cute internet cafes but there were lots of cute boys, so i'm not complaining. I am not going to upload any pictures of me skiing because, well, I look very stupid. X

In my hand luggage.
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The view from our apartment one day, then the following day...

The T-bar stopped so I took the opertunity to take a picture.

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