Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My Birthday!!!!

On Friday Kakay and I went around our local town searching for jobs, I got an interview but overall no job. So we came back to my house and took some pictures, the basic kind of theme was how a hat can change the feel of an outfit; the last two pictures are of the gorgeous Kakay. Anyway on Saturday, Sunday and Monday; I walked 48km with a homongous backpack on and sleep in a tent, to top this all of on Monday night I went to see The Midnight Beast- they were amazing. Then I woke up this morning to find some wonderful presents; a tripod, Elle subscription, unhealthy food, JWs hoodie, more unhealthy food and money. My dad being my dad took me to the bank to open an isa account (Still not quite sure what it is) then the rest of the day was spent in front of the tv watching Harry Potter, Monsters Inc and crying at Sex in the City. Tomorrow, at around 10 I'm going to London; to conclude this half term has been and will hopefully continue to be amazing!! Sorry about not being around but expect to see a new post sometime at the weekend. Thankyou XX

Wearing: Aviator- Topshop, Top- Primark, Jeans- Zara, Vest thing- Vintage, Hats- vintage topshop primark kakays everywhere basically


Inez said...

I really like your jacket!

* Cake Kay * said...

I am hardly gorgeous Amy, but thankyouu all the same:)

How was TheMidnightBeast?

=] xxx

Aattlee said...

Hey, well done for the walk- i refused to partake when i was given the chance. Love the red felt hat, is it new? Have a great time up in London. :)


Jane said...

i love the jacket! i've been trying to find one like yours for ages.

Shelle said...

Ohh Happy Belated Birthday Amy! You guys look great. :)