Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Day 2, London

So basically this was the second outfit I wore, which recieved several stares from teenage girls. I get these often but usually I just ignore them, today though they were really getting to me. I don't know why they were staring but I seemed like they thought they were better than me ( they weren't exactly pleasant looks), I already have so many people like this at my school, I don't need more people in the world like this. My confidence isn't very high you may notice in a lot of photos I hunch my shoulders, this is a confidence issue, it comes naturally to me, however I am trying to improve this. Anyway what really made my day was, as I was walking through Waterloo this wonderful lady came up to me and said she loved my hat and my whole outfit. Noone near where I live would ever say this, apart from the occasional shop assistant, this is why I love London the general cheeriness of everyone. Ok so this doesn't really make sense, but I'm going to post it anyway. Thankyou for being lovely. XX

Wearing: Hat & Jacket- Topshop, Dress- UO, Tights- Asos, Necklace- DIY


* Cake Kay * said...

Sounds like those girls were the ones with the confidence issues Amy. Your outfits are Amazing! They're just jealous of your creativity. I could never dream of looking as awesome as you do! You suit everything!!!!

Wish I was you.. London sounds fab! =] Cakes xxx

Elliee said...

Well i love your fashion sense. those girls probably all have exactly the same things in their wardrobes. i admire you for being independant! and love the hat!!!

Jazzabelle said...

sorry to hear that, amy! some girls can be so mean. i have really bad confidence issues so i totally understand. hehe, what a sweet lady, you do look lovely. i love the shot of you and the london eye! xx

Alison said...

You always have the most interesting outfits, I love your fearlessness with fashion! Don't listen to them :) I love your hat and jacket especially, wish I could pull them off!

<3 Alison

angelaseeangelablog said...

I too have often been the target of those stares but chin up! Because your style is awesome and those tights are killer!

PS. My designs are now available for sale!

Shelle said...

Awww, but I love your style and tights. :) There are a lot of those types of girls everywhere. Usually these are the ones hat dress exactly the same. Girls at my school where saggy sweatpants with uggs. Apparently this is cool but they look like they just rolled out of bed. Anyhow.
You're very pretty and you have a super sense of style (alliteration ftw) and obviously other people with style (shop assistants must know something of it...) can tell even if those girls who dress the same can't.
Don't let them get to you! You are awesome.