Saturday, 16 October 2010

Old lace curtains

Some picture me and Chloe took years ago, with the runaway bride kind of feel, we are just that cool. She had some old lace which she suspected were some old curtains and well to make it you just wrapped it round you, then attached it in place with a long strip of the lace in a bow kind of shape. These pictures, are quite mysterious and rather dark, not very happy like a lot of the pictures I've posted recently, not sure what has happened but I will try to post more uplifting happy pictures, from now on. XX

Photographer- CHLOE


julia louise said...

amazin' !!!!!!!!

Katie said...

Seriously, when you make a portfolio put these in first <3

Away with the fairy's said...

These are absolutely wonderful! adore them!

* Cake Kay * said...

Helloo Amyy =]

You're looking Amazing in these pictures!!!!

Love the curtain idea, totally fab!

Cya tomorrow,

Lotsa luvs,

Cake xxx

Alison said...

These photos are amazing! A little dark, but gorgeous all the same, what you guys did with some old lace curtains is inspiring :)

<3 Alison

perde said...

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