Thursday, 4 November 2010

Shopping, London

I thought I would show you everything I bought, which is little and not very exciting but it will all give my wardrobe a more winter vibe, I believe. So, I'm gonna do a running commentary on it all, read on. Just wondering, have any of you bought any clothes recently?
Also at Barnardos today we were talking about how the shop was going to be decorated and when is the right time to put the decorations up (18th Nov). And it got me thinking how insanely excited I am about Christmas, I already have some ideas of gifts to get my friends. XX

1. Floral woolly tights from river island, I had a £10 voucher so decided to buy these they are so lovely.
2. Random woolly tights from Urban Outfitters, I just adore the cute pattern on them, it reminds me of the fair isle patterns around, which I adore.
3. A hat from topshop, there were so many to choose from but I decided on this one, I bought a poppy and added it to the feathers.

4. A navy woolly jumper from American Apparel, to begin I tryed on a maroon one but after deciding it was too much like my school jumper I decided on this lovely, warm, navy one.

5. Grey tapered trousers from Topshop, not really much to say but they look better when they are on. I'm thinking about wearing them on Monday with a shirt, this is because it is PHSCE day and we have interviews, so I may take a picture of it then.


Ulrika said...

i love all the thing you've bought! the hat is gorgeous <3

* Cake Kay * said...

Loving the Idea Amy !!! Betcha'll look by far the best ! ♥

Ellinor Forje said...

I want the hat. I also like the shorts you're wearing in the photo to the left. Thanks for sharing and visit me too when you have time.


Caroline said...

I love those sweater tights, they're so sweet! xxx

danniekate said...

thank you so much for the comment, i'm so happy you liked the post! i nearly bought those trousers! they'll look great on you :) x