Wednesday, 29 September 2010

More scary pictures taken in the dark, truth be told I am just to lazy to get out of the house before dark to take pictures. I like the mysterious look about them, life recently has been getting me tired, all I want to do is lie around eating cupcakes however this isn't possible. Anyway my life is about to get busier and more confusing:
  • 2- 3rd October- Bronze Qualifying D of E expedition
  • 17th October- Chloes Birthday
  • 23- 25th October- Silver Practice D of E expedition
  • 25th October- THE MIDNIGHT BEAST
  • 26th October- My Birthday!!!!
  • 27- 30th October- LONDON
  • 6th November- Bonfire night
  • 9th November- French speaking
  • -- November- Some assortment of a party for moi
  • 4th December- The Clothes Show
  • 25th December- CHRISTMAS
  • ++++ other stuff

Wearing: Waistcoat- Vintage, Top- H&M, Skirt-Asos, Belt- Tesco, Necklace- Heidi Seeker


Anonymous said...


Claire said...

aw, your garden reminds me of my grandma's... so lovely. good luck on DofE... gold killed me.


Chloe said...

erm, where's my birthday on your calender?

Chloe said...


Jazzabelle said...

ohh, you have really inspired me to make a list of my important dates!

i feel exactly the same as you, my life is getting too busy, it's now too dark to take pictures and life has been getting me tired. feel better soon! xxx

Katie said...

omg, these are amazinnggggg. I love night photos, there's something mysteriously fashionable about them. :L OMG OMG OMG I'm so looking forward to csl! GOKWAN IS GOING TO BE THERE. I'm having a premonition of me seeing him and running up and shouting 'omg I love you' then being chucked out be security.. :/ but should be good! :D

Sorry for the long comment <3



Alison said...

Yeah, I never really get out before night to take my pictures either... oh well! They are still gorgeous - I really like the vest and skirt combo. Lovely as usual!

<3 Alison

Inez said...

Some amazing weeks are coming girl!

Abi said...

You seem like a right busy bee you do! Hopefully you're able to get some rest and relaxation in there somewhere. Birthdays are always fun. Is it to early for an advanced birthday wish?!

Love your skirt here!

Ulrika said...

really nice photos!(: on 25th of October i celebrate my birthday - and i agree, mom's wardrobe is the best place for getting new cool stuff!

Anonymous said...

These photos are amazinggggggggggg :) I love your shoes ;)