Friday, 24 September 2010

I don't know what to say, at the moment I seem to be unsure of everything, I don't know what to do and I'm not feeling that well. I baked some cakes a while ago, I enjoyed that but now I don't know what to do, I'm scared. To blog or not to blog? I've decided to stick to the obvious answer- I'm going to carry on but not very often, I will try, but it may not work. At the moment my life is starting to get very busy, in October I am spending 5 days hiking (D of E), so I can't blog then. I'm going to London only for 3 nights and well don't want to waste any precious time, of course I will talk about ti afterwards. I hope you understand, I'm sorry; here are some pretty pictures and a tagging thing to keep you occupied. Also I'm not going to say I'm sorry for not bloging in any more posts because it is boring you and me. XX

From my tumblr

The lovely Katie from ...with fashion added in., tagged me in a post a while ago, so here it is.
 4 things in my bag -
1. Phone
2. Ipod
3. Camera
4. Money (Not a very individual answer )

4 favourite beauty products -
1. Chanel mascara
2. Benefit posietint
3. Vaseline
4. Benefit tinted moisturiser

4 favourite perfumes -
1. Jean Paul Gaultier, Madame
2. This random no named one in a beautiful bottle
3. About a year ago my friend bought me a set of about 8 mini perfumes and they all smell gorgeous, from what I can remember it includes ghost and several more...
3. These random Ted Baker ones

4 things I do daily -
1. Sleep
2. Go on facebook (I swear I'm addicted)
3. Eat crap
4. Listen to music

4 things I bet you didn't know about me -
1. I don't know what to put here
2. I am indecisive
3. I don't really have favourite things or if I did the list would be miles long
4. In the past 2 weeks I have read about 7 books, not sure if this is healthy

I'm not going to tag anyone but if you want to do it feel free!


Gayle is Volatile said...

Wow, 7 books in 2 weeks? Did you finish all of them? If you did, thats absolutely amazing!

-Gayle from

Katie said...

I've given you a blog award! Thanks for doing the tag! :D
OMG OMG OMG we got our CSL letters, we're going on the saturday which means I can see you and GOKWAN!

Katie xoxo

iloveyouvalentine said...

those pictures are stunning! i love that dress in the first one.

oh man. your "4 things i bet you didn't know about me" sounds just like me XD