Sunday, 5 September 2010

Northern lights inspired

Source- Google images- 'Northern lights'

I know you've all seen these Christopher Kane masterpieces from his resort 2011, so this post isn't really about them. Basically for my textiles GCSE I have to make either an evenings wear outfit or a special occasion dress. My inspiration is from the country Norway and so I want to include the northern lights somehow, then I saw his collection and I fell in love. So what do you think of this idea; a cute dress with the Northern lights printed on it? Would you wear it? Oh, and please could you do me a favour and answer my poll because I can't decide whether to do evening wear or special occasion wear. p.s. I'm not copying Christopher Kanes designs I'm just using his as examples.  XX


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Style of a Fashionista said...

Great inspiration I would defo wear a dress with the Northen lights printed on it the colours are so intense and stunning and would work really well on silk xoxo

Zaia said...

The photos are so cool and the christopher kane picture is actually my background photo (just to tell you how much i looove those textiles).
galaxy and the sky are such amazing inspirations, xx

Spence. said...

Sounds like a lovely idea - I've always wanted to see the northern lights!
& I absolutely adore Kane's cosmic print dresses, I really wouly buy one if they weren't gona be gastronomically out of my price range xD tehe.


Katie said...

Hey! Your in year 10 right? I'm doing textiles too, and I haven't got my brief yet :/ but I think your idea is totally awesome! Northern Lights is really good, because you could do a black dress, with flashes of colour all over it! Christopher Kane is such an amazing designer, I love it when you find designers who've done an inspired line on what you are doing, I have do make felt items in the style of a forest fairy, well Prada did forest fairy in 2008, it was perfect! :D

Katie xoxo

Gayle said...

Great photos!
And I love the colors on the pink/purple dress :)

-Gayle from

Inez said...

What a great idea!
I think it's going to be very beautifull

Anonymous said...

Christopher Kane is pure amazingness! I loved his animal 'print' collection and this is just as ledgendary (as well as his collections for versus versace)


Caroline said...

!!!! i would so wear it!! I love that second photo! xxx

Abbey said...

I love Christopher Kane - he is so amazing!!! Never fails to impress me! These dresses are really beautiful.

julia louise said...

Like these photos ;-)

Anonymous said...

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