Monday, 6 September 2010

My 2010 Autumn wardrobe essentials

The basics of my Autumn wardrobe:
  • A woolly jumper,
  • Striped maxi,
  • Bowler hat,
  • Lace dress,
  • Aviator jacket,
  • Velvet cape,
  • Patterned skirt,
  • The most amazing thing ever.
What I still need:
  • Something, anything Camel!

Dresses- Warehouse, Aviator & hat- Topshop, cape- vintage, skirt- Asos, Jumper- M&S

Sorry for the rubbish pictures and blogger is being stupid and won't line everything up right! XX


Fernanda Lucila said...

Now I want a velvet cape .. even though I just got a velvet blazer.

1060xo, Fernanda Lucila

PS. That aviator jacket is amazing!

betsie said...

love how you have integrated the clothes into the trees .
great pieces here .

do check out 'betsie' and follow for updates .

Anonymous said...

wow cool pics:)

sahara. said...

You lucky lucky girl. I want an Aviator jacket so bad.
Love the clothes though.
The velvet cape sounds interesting. Pictures? (:


Claude said...

i love your gok wan style capsule wardrobe (gok wan how you've hung them, not his style ;)) the pictures look really good!! :) the aviator jacket looks super amazing too! i really want one!!
p.s my blogger is being a lining up photos idiot too. :(

Roshana said...

Wow, I absolutely adore the way they have been hung from a tree, it's very creative!
I also love your birdhouse bag, it's very individual and no one else will have one like it. I am trying to be individual with by bags at the moment and my only attempt was buying a 'Cath Kidston'-esque vanity bag in Primark. The only comment it has appeared to conjure up is 'Roshana, you look like your off to brush your teeth!'
Sorry to be boring and for rambling a bit. I do that. Love the blog by the way.
Roshana xx