Friday, 8 October 2010

Woolly Hats

I can officially prance around in in my woolly hats and thick socks because it is cold. I have to wear two pairs of tights, some rather lovely mittens and my horrible coat to school. I can also get excited about Christmas (don't you dare tell me it is too early). Anyway here are some gorgeous pictures of layers, woolly bodies, cool hats and browny colours.
Yesterday I had my schools sixth form open evening, and well I have no idea what to take. I really don't like the fact that what I take affects my whole life, I could be closing doors, especially since I'm not taking any creative subjects. At the moment it is chemistry, Biology, Physics and French; any advice?
I'm thinking of doing a giveaway soon, but not really sure what, so I am on a search for something amazing.


Katie said...


CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S NEVER TOO EARLY. I think about the next christmas day from the 26th of December.

I <3 wooly hats, thick socks and nasty coats, try taking a flask of hot chocolate to school, it saved me last year!

I love the jumper in your second to last pictures, I really love the 'knitted my gran christmas jumper' style of it.

Sorry, it seems I'm writting posts rather than comments :'(

Katie xoxo

Suyinsays said...

hiya! loving these pics btw
i know, 6th form time for me too! im going to do the IB diploma, where you basically choose six subjects, but i think that maybe you should look at the subjects you love, because those are the ones you tend to do best in and may lead to your future career! also, i always try to remember that like, qualifications arent everything - some of the most successful people in the world left school with no qualifications! aaaaaand you may decide to do something completely different to what you study in you career, or a job that hasnt even been invented yet! sorry, im rambling!
hope youre okay, long time no speak (my fault entirely!)
i got style spotted in london the other day and am in a competition on facebook now! and i NEED NEED NEED YOUR vote!
this is the link:

and im the first girl on it in the purple coat! please tell all your friends on blogger and on facebook to vote for me as well! the prize is £250 in lipsy vouchers!
lots of love

* Cake Kay * said...

Helloo Lovely Amy!

Cannot remember the last time i commented.. so here I am. Loving your AMAZING fashion sense, as always.. And I remember our France Outfit pics didnt go to plan... shame really.. oh wells... while ago..

Oooh and also, I want to take virtually the same options as you.. and i dislike the same thingies =[

I'll speak to you.. soon... monday probablies..

Cakes =] xxx

Caroline said...

Oh wowwww! I love the wooly jumper with the icey house on it! xxxxx

Inez said...

Here in the Netherlands is it also very cold! :(

Abbey said...

Amazing pictures, I like the last one best. The coat looks amazing.

The second look is also very chic, although it is editorial rather than wearable.

Claude said...

ahh!!! it is NEVER too early for christmas!!! or jumpers!! i even bought some baubles today on the sly when my mum was looking at food processors in the co-op! (she disapproves of christmas-talk before mid-november!)
I have just finished my a-levels and out of the subjects I took, French was my fave by a MILE! I also did best in that one in the exams too- so only take things you'll enjoy- I know it's super difficult to pick when all the teachers at these things are like "pick my subject!" but it's two years of your life and possibly another 4 (if you do french like me) years at uni!!!
sorry to ramble on!!!
p.s love the fairisle-style cardi above!

Alison said...

I love wooly hats! And all these pictures are great, I am sooo ready to start layering! Good luck with your classes, don't really know much about it, it's a bit different in the u.s :) I'm sure you'll figure it out!

<3 Alison Vandenburgh

Mary Lee said...

ahh these pictures are gorgeous!

Gorgeous Clara said...

nice pics!

Louella said...

I love dressing for winter, and I have to agree with everyone else, just take the subjects that you enjoy because when you have loads of work to do you'd rather do it for a subject that you actually like.
I definitely think French is a good choice though, languages are good! aha
great post x

durbansweatheart said...

thank you for the comment! i like all the sweaters. specially the grey 'tacky' one.