Sunday, 7 November 2010

Day 3, London

This is the last of the not very exciting London posts, the day after I was too busy catching random trains and visiting the science museum to take any pictures. So on the Friday I wore this dress and the hat I bought the day before; while I was wandering around oxford street in search of Liberty's a random girl asked if she could take a picture of my style, is this bad or good? Her picture probally came out rubbish because this dress really isn't photogenic. I also went to the V&A museum, I only had one hour, so I rushed around the fashion section, went in the gift shop and cringed when my brothers started paddling in the pool thing.
Sorry about the rubbish photo, as I said earlier dress ain't photgenic and neither am I, but lets not dwell on that fact.
Hope you all had a good bonfire weekend, I went to the local bonfire and fireworks display which was amazing. I find fireworks so pretty and make you believe anything can happen. Afterwards me, Chloe and Steph ate some fish and chips, then laughed at some funny words, we are really mature. Ohh, and I got my Grandmas watch fixed and I am determined not to lose it.  XX

Wearing: Hat & Jacket- Topshop, Dress- Warehouse


Shelle said...

What are you talking about, not photogenic? If you were a close friend of mine I'd smack you right now. You look stunning.
Why doo you have so many neat hattsss? Is it because you live in England, because if so, I'm going to find a way to live there somehow. And also that dress looks prey neat too. Darn you, England, for having cooler shiz.

Shelle said...

I meant pretty, not prey. I curse these non-editable comments.